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We are committed to ongoing accessibility improvements.

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Accessibility features

We have included a number of features to improve usability and accessibility.

A sitemap is available within our website. This provides an overview of all content in this website and is fully hyperlinked to assist with navigation.


All pages have a home link to aid navigation in text-only browsers.
Keyboard navigation

All links and user interfaces are designed to be navigable with a keyboard.

  • press TAB to navigate to the next link
  • press SHIFT and TAB to navigate to the previous link
  • press ENTER to follow a link


You can import your own stylesheet within your browser preferences to override the website’s colours.
Text or page resizing

You can generally change the font size or adjust the page zoom through your browser. To enable this feature on:

  • a PC, hold down the CTRL key and press the + key to increase and the — key to decrease the font size
  • a Mac, hold down the COMMAND key and press the + key to increase and the — key to decrease the font size.